R.A.M.S „Tod dem Fernsehen“ (CDROM / Video, 1993 – 94)

R.A.M.S. CDROM / Video dealing with the fundamentals of the American Public-Access-Movement compared to Austria.

This quite ancient work (1994) was based on a research travel to the U.S., which Margarete Jahrmann and me did in 1993 participating an art project by Museum In Progress (Reise zu den Quellen).

In 1994 Max Moswitzer joined the team, and together we finalized a „music-techno-clip style“ Video and a CDROM.

Some of the video parts took weeks to render on machines of this time – it was a hot summer, we cooled our feet and same our computers – so this project is an example how to use public available technology to the edge.

Video „Tod dem Fernsehen“ (digitized from VHS, sorry for the glitches..)

Extra on the CDROM: R.A.M.S. Radio Compilation

From the booklet:
Tod dem Fernsehen – Public Access is a digital Essay in 12 chapters Video, Soundtrack und interactive CD-ROM including over 150 pages of text, which can be stored directly to Harddisk are providing an abstract of open channels in USA, Europe and about ideas and models of a possible television of the third kind, defined as general access to electronic media.

This rooms of the CD-ROM defined by the content give the user the possibility of recombining content, images and cutting their own „flicker-animation“.

The CD-ROM is a trainig field for interactive TV. The Video is a manual for the interactive CD-ROM.
HINTS You can play a soundtrack also in an ordinary CD-player! You Can reach following contents by clicking on different bars of the colorbars menue in the introduction movie:
TEXTMUSHROOM Over 150 pages of Text, images and movies are associatively linked as Hypertext and can be directly stored to your disk!
FLICKEREI Nearly 100 art-pictures and Video stills! Clicking on a colourbar runs a number of pictures! Dragging over the screen is choosing new images. Recombine by dragging: Cut your own flicker-film!
SOUNDGAME Create your own piece of sound. Plug your speakers and tape deck to your Computer. Record your own individual techno-bootleg!
LABYRINTH Find your way through a „maniera“ Labyrinth! Within this subversive structure you will find ->
QUICKTIMES of Public Access Interviews!
TEXTTUNNEL At the end of different Tunnels made of Sentences you can reach a variety of rooms, filled with Videostills, artvideos, theory and slide – shows, animations, morphs, etc. .(…).

Arts, Production & Direction
Alf Altendorf – Margarete Jahrmann – Max Moswitzer

Personal Appearances in the video (unordered):
Karen Helmerson, Hans-Ulrich Reck, Paper Tiger TV, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Staten Island TV, George C. Stoney

Produced with sponsored Hard- and Software of
Hard + Soft, Hayward Computer

Mit Unterstützung des Bundesministeriums für Unterricht und Kunst 1994