TIV (Fernsehsender, 1996 – 2001)

Private Television Station in Vienna

TIV (oder „T.I.V. – True Image Vision“ oder „TIV – Der sexy Sender“) was a commercial TV-Station in Vienna/Austria (1996 – End of 2001).
It was one of the first private Stations in Austria after the change of Austrian Cable Law in 1995, which allowed broadcasting in Cable Systems for other parties than State-TV ORF.

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K4 – Vienna City Radio (1993 -1994)

Concept K4 – Vienna City Radio (Stadtradio Wien) 1993 – 94

European national landscapes have a significant gap between public and private interests, mirroring the state of democratisation and democratic conciousness in societies. Leading countries as The Netherlands are in sharp contrast to the Austrian incredible media concentration combined with the lack of any access.

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