1990´s Web

Some (partly online archived) web projects from the 1990´s, archived here for historic purposes.

Only partly working in contemporary browsers and screen resolutions, `cause these projects  use outdated technology (Flash, Real, VRML for instance) and/or use data from external websites, which do not exist any more.

But aesthetically and politically interesting as media art from this time I was part of.

absorber (1994, -> browse it, made for Mosaic Netscape & IE + VRML plugin)

rpk (1996, -> browse it, made for Netscape Navigator)

STROBE (1998, -> browse it, made for Netscape Navigator & MS Internet Explorer)

Live Website for the project Rivers & Bridges – ORF Kunstradio & Ars Electronica (1996, offline)

Open Circuit 2, proposed Website for the AV & Knowledge- Inventory of Austrian Media Art (for Hilus 1995, offline)

(Open Circuit 1, 1994 in Pöllauberg / Styria, me in the first row – left / Others: All quiet on the western front, Artfan, Bilderwerfer, Die Fabrikanten, Flex, Frauenfilminitiative, Frauen und Technik, Free Media Mix, Gang Art Publizistik Salzburg, Kanal f. Wissenschaft und Kunst, Klangatelier Algorithmus, Kunstraum Freihaus / Dead Dog Gallery, Kunstlabor, Medienwerkstatt, Medienkunst Zeitschrift, Messing, Hilus, Pressure Group Freies Radio, Pyramedia, R.A.M.S., Sodomka/Breindl, S.P.A.C.E., Station Rose, Stattwerkstatt, Subcom (Medosch, Neubacher), Transit, UKF, You Never Know, Zero Net, F.E. Rakushan, Andreas Spiegl, Barbara Steiner Matthias Michalka, Christian Ide Hintze, Gerhard Trimmel, Wolfgang Zinggl, Judith Fischer, Ralph Ubl, Christian Krawagna, Ursula Hentschschläger, Photo: Hilus)