Sound and Smoke – 3 Steps to Heaven (Schall und Rauch, 1994)

Stadtwerkstatt Linz was invited by the city of Wiener Neustadt to design a flight show , which was dealing with the complete wipe-out of the city by allied air-forces during World-War II (1943), and to tell the story of aviation.

Wr. Neustadt was the center of a pioneering plane industry in Austro-Hungarian Empire, did have one of the first runways on the continent, and was later during nazi regime one of the main producers of combat aircrafts (Messerschmitt, Henkel) for German Luftwaffe.

Fate: most air striked area in Austria.
Irony: production went underground and was save – the actual airfield is still a huge bunker on square-miles.
Civil victims in the unprotected city: 30.000, thousands of bombed out refugees, one of these my five years old father…

Based on an idea by Georg Ritter , Peter Donke & Peter Hauenschild („artists choreographing combat planes“ :-), the concept included a 3-level sound environment .

My responsibility was to layout a radio show, which was broadcasted to small receivers, handed out to audience at the entrance. „Sound and Smoke – 3 Steps to Heaven (Schall und Rauch, 1994)“ weiterlesen